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    Default When open for weekends?

    When does the Village open in 2013 for non-members to park on a weekend?

    Also, I don't like crowded trails so would prefer two-day trips on a Sun-Mon. Could I come on a Sun and spend the night to ride on Monday? Just wasn't sure if that is still considered a weekend for non-members instead of the more usual Fri or Sat overnight.

    I love what you guys have done with buying the land and creating the club. Thanks for promoting the great sport of offroading and going above and beyond to make it available for others. I think I saw the Village membership is full but I would consider joining just to contribute to the cause as I doubt I will be able to come ride more than a few times over a summer. Looking forward to my first visit this spring.


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    We will open to the public April 5th, a Sunday / Monday must be paid in advance via paypal. We are full at the moment, with that being said club dues are to be paid by Friday so we might have a few spots come open if any one hasn't paid in a timely manner. We do how ever offer a Social membership. that information is located on the web site and a Paypal drop down menu can be used to pay either for day trips or memberships.

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