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The VillageOHV Club has Closed up.

The campgrounds,parkinglot,and riding area remains, all is Free until furthure Notice! Please clean up after yourself.






The Village ohv Club


Be a member of a positive change

It’s all about kicking dirt!!

his club was founded on the premise of securing a place in the North East Ohio River area solely for Off Highway Vehicle use. This property has been ridden on for decades, and for the past several years we had no idea if we would be able to ride the following year or not. There was an opportunity seen so we made it happen. This club consists of seasoned veterans and we are looking for members with the same or close to an advanced level of OHV use. We would also like to welcome other clubs and any ideas they may have for making the area more secure for OHV use in the future.


We currently have 177 acres and are 125 members strong and we only have a total of 145 spots available for full membership. We will keep these numbers as accurately updated as possible in the future. The cap is 145 and at the current time we have no plans on increasing the cap for full membership.



Twp. Rd. 306 (Dry Run Road)

Hammondsville, Ohio 43930

        Membership is $600.00 per year and due by the first week of March each year.

Membership will include 4 member passes, a permanent spot to park with room for one camper.*

* 1 additional camper will be allowed on a lot for $250.00

Day riding is $15.00 a day per person, and includes overnight camping in the guest area.

We also offer a social membership which includes a unlimited yearly riding pass for $200.0 0**

**This option is for the people that do not have a camper but like to ride a lot.

We would prefer all payments be made via PayPal for accounting reasons. All members and guest will be required to sign a Release, waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement as well as an ATV riding liability release.


Phone: (330) 532-8061

Fax: (330) 532-8061


                                                                         © 2011 The village ohv club



This club is being formed as a non profit, with the first priority being to secure the land, second maintaining it and lastly putting funds back into the local community. We are honored to serve our Military veterans, the selfless sacrifices they have made to ensure our ability to live as free citizens in the United States of America can never be compensated enough. With our whole hearted donations to local veterans groups such as the VFW we can all be assured that these people will be looked after and get the help that they deserve.


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No place like the River!!

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Here is the property line for The VillageohvClub

map property village club


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